Getting swept in the Fall Major was not what Rogue had been hoping for. After getting their axles blown off by G2, Rogue decided to part ways with one of the sport’s legends, Kronovi. One of the original greats, the two-time North American champion was let go and replaced by Taroco, the seventeen-year-old standout from team Plot Twist. The move put him next to Turintoro (also seventeen) and fifteen-year-old prodigy Firstkiller as the team looked to become younger and faster to elevate their game to the next level.

Cameron “Kronovi” Bills via Dreamhack, taken by Stephanie Lindgren.

Twelve days after the move, Rogue brought its new roster into The…

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Let’s try a thought experiment that I bet you haven’t tried before. Let’s close our eyes and put ourselves in Indiana. That’s an experiment that a whole lot of people in and around the NBA will be putting themselves through this offseason. This year the Pacers were making a splash in the bubble with TJ Warren making the shortlist of standout stars. Victor Oladipo was continuing to work his way back into shape and Domantas Sabonis wasn’t even playing for them in Orlando. Things were looking up for a Pacers team hoping to make some noise in the Playoffs.


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As you look back over the history of the NBA, there are some names that are so unique it’s hard to forget them. Names like Penny Hardaway, Spud Webb, Fat Lever, Magic Johnson, and Kiki VanDeWeghe have a certain jingle to them that allow them to stick out in your memory. Only one of these players, however, were born with their acclaimed name and that was German-born Kiki VanDeWeghe. VanDeWeghe is one of 25 players from the Deutschland to play in the NBA including other very German-sounding names like Dirk Nowitzki, Detlef Shcrempf, Moritz Wagner, and (my favorite) Uwe Blab.

Xavier McDaniel, who was also known as the X-Man was a physical juggernaut in the early 90’s. A gifted scorer from mid-range and the post, McDaniel’s game resembled that of a hockey enforcer, known for getting into scuffles with NBA icons like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Larry Johnson, Charles Oakley and a hitter’s row of others. McDaniel did not look like a guy that you’d wanna mess with, unless you’re the type of crazy individual who enjoys getting into scuffles with 6’7” dudes who allegedly shave their head and eyebrows to look more intimidating. …

Today was my birthday. My roommate, who also happens to be my girlfriend, had made the best of our COVID quarantine with a full day of gifts and food. After consuming two pies- pizza and key lime- we wound up on the couch, looking for something to nurse my food baby over and I stumbled upon the NBA showing Game Six of the 2013 Finals: Heat vs. Spurs.

via the New York Times

I was so glad that the NBA had put this on! I mean, this was the ‘Ray Allen shot’ game and I recited the names of every player on the court, not only was I trying to show off how much I knew about basketball to my couch companion, but I found myself reminiscing on when I had first fallen in love with the game.

The Warriors and Rockets first Game was tough to watch even though they have all the talent in the world.

via USA Today

The stage is set for a battle of the goliaths. Last year the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors met in the Western Conference Finals, a game that many people decided was the ‘Finals before the Finals’. The Warriors managed to claw out a 4–3 series win before manhandling the Cavaliers in 4 the win their second straight Championship. After the season ended, the old guard of Houston’s core fell apart as Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute moved…


Well that sure was insane, wasn’t it? In a series that carried out like a UFC slugfest, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trailblazers took turns swinging on each other for five must-watch contests. Last night Damian Lillard decided he had enough and delivered a historic performance to lift his Blazers passed the first round of the Playoffs for the first time in three years. His game-winning shot will go down in history as one of the greatest ever, but more importantly, his shot was a prime example of where the League is headed for the foreseeable future.

“It was…

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It’s a sinking feeling. The Nuggets find themselves down 2–1 against a Spurs team that stole Game 1 in Denver and almost grabbed Game 2, had it not been for Jamal Murray lighting the Pepsi Center ablaze in the fourth quarter. The Nuggets have been battered in the paint (minus-38) and on the boards (minus-18) by a war-tested Spurs organization that has made the Playoffs 22 consecutive years. They deploy a mix of Playoff vets and newcomers who have tested the Nuggets’ young backcourt. In the grand scheme of things, this series probably doesn’t affect the Playoffs as a whole…

via pitchfork.

In hip-hop today, we are witnessing a trend towards more short-but sweet albums. In stark contrast to the traditional hour-long album, this curtailed form allows artists to flash different unique and creative flavors in short bursts. This new form owes a debt to the newfound prevalence of internet artists who commonly release bursts of new music with alarming frequency. The tradeoff of constantly creating for new sounds for your fanbase typically forces these artists to remove the polish most full-length projects incorporate, but some notable standouts are starting to surface. One of these unheralded and forceful performers is Innanet James…

It’s common knowledge that we should only take away so much from the Summer League. The overall skill level is noticeably lower than that of a regular NBA game, and the team’s function more as a collection of individual players than one succinct unit. However, sometimes we see performances in the Summer League that show a glimpse into what a player could become in the NBA. Most casual fans (and even some more committed fans) first introduction to the Turkish sharpshooter Furkan Korkmaz was in this year’s Summer League when the 21-year-old pored in 40 points on 18 shots and…

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